What Our Partners are Saying

"Clinical Trial Connect completely surpassed all our expectations. This online finder platform not only provided exactly what our community was looking for, but also, it was easy to install and integrate into our website, and the backend analytics showcases and verifies the value of the platform."

National Director of Marketing,   National Brain Tumor Society

Improve the Patient Experience

Patients struggle finding the right trial on clinicaltrials.gov. Instead, launch your own branded trial finder that connects your community to relevant trials. Offer improved search, user-friendly trial pages, and the ability to subscribe to new trial matches in the future.

Analyze, Optimize, Repeat

Our team works closely with our partners to understand the full patient journey, from arriving on your homepage to enrolling in a trial. We identify where patients struggle, and address these issues by supporting content development and adding functionality to the platform.

Report on Progress

Your team is mobilizing your community to participate in research. Our platform makes it easy to understand and monitor progress so you can regularly report impact to your organization and its donors.

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