We have partnered with a growing number of disease foundations and patient advocacy groups to help them raise awareness of clinical trial participation. These partnerships represent a tremendous opportunity to educate patients and inspire them to take action. Foundations have historically inspired patients to donate to their causes and to run marathons. Now, they can also rally their communities to take a genetic test, to join an observational research study, or to enroll in a clinical trial.

Clinical Trial Connect supports our partners in a variety of ways, and we have big plans for the future. Here are some of our current offerings.

  • A Clinical Trial Matching platform customized and branded for a foundation's community
  • Development of clinical trial awareness content across webpages, blog posts, and social media
  • Optimization of a foundation's in-kind Google Adword Grants - a $40,000 monthly opportunity
  • Analysis that identifies patient drop off, addresses those issues, and optimizes enrollments

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